A pure, potent, strain-specific experience.  That's what we deliver in every GANJAGOLD product.  An experience we call connoisseur pure.  Crafted from the top 1% of available cannabis, our products are exclusive to all who seek a top-shelf experience.  Call us particular, call us exacting, call us purveyors of a higher standard, but we only accept the top 1% and leave the other 99% to those with less exacting standards.  We seek out responsible growers and personally inspect, smell and sample each plant we consider, backing our experiential finding with testing from one of the highest regarded labs in the world.  It's called integrity.  We are about our patients and customers, producing only products we would use ourselves or provide to family and friends.

King Tarantula

This is big medicine.  It begins with 2 grams of strain-specific, 1% top-shelf sun grown bud, wrapped in raw, natural paper.  The entire outside is liberally coated with clear live resin-then rolled in hash and golden kief.  We suggested sharing with a friend, or making a new one.

Green Tarantula

This organic pre-roll harbors a gram of strain specific, sunshine grown, top 1% flower, in a RAW, natural paper wrap.  Then it's coated in Co2 wax and completely dusted with kief.  We designate this "green" because it is clean green, certified organic and grown in the rhythms of natural sunlight.

Blue Tarantula

This exceedingly smooth and potent pre-roll is packed with a gram of strain specific, top 1% indoor grown flower, wrapped in RAW natural paper and coated in Co2 wax.  Finished with a roll of premium hash kief.

Live Resin Oil

Extracted from the plant before it's cured, live resin delivers the most natural compound profile of the source genetics.  Our pharmaceutical-grade live resins are strain specific, pure and potent, with no additives whatsoever.  Each cartridge contains 500mg of flower THC oil.  The most flavorful vape on the planet. 

Honey Oil

This versatile, strain-specific pharmaceutical-grade oil can be dabbed, vaped, used in baking, as added atop your favorite flowers in your finest glassware.  The FDA approved ISO-Hexane extraction process, coupled with our proprietary purification method, preserves the natural cannabinoid and terpene profiles, and maintains the pure compound make-up of the source genetics.  Each applicator contains 750mg of pure THC.